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RAD Exams

Ballet Academy Northside prepares students to enter the Royal Academy of Dance Children’s and Major’s Examinations. Students wishing to be considered for examinations are required to attend a minimum of two classes a week and Major students three classes a week. Our students have consistently achieved higher than average results in the RAD Examinations with many students receiving Distinctions throughout their education. It is not compulsory for Ballet Academy Northside students to enter the Examinations. They may progress to the next level of training provided they achieved the necessary standard required in their present Grade and we are satisfied they would cope with the work. Students who take exams improve dramatically and feel great. Confidence is always increased when students begin to see their own merits and that their hard work has paid off.


  • Primary – Grade 4 – 2 Syllabus classes per week
  • Grade 5 – 2 Syllabus classes and Limber-Stretch-Pilates per week
  • Int. Foundation and above – 3 Syllabus classes and Limber-Stretch-Pilates per week
PRE-PRIMARY   – no exams  INTERMEDIATE FOUNDATION   – 11 years and over
PRIMARY   – 6 years by 1/9  INTERMEDIATE   – 12 years and over
GRADE 1   – 7 years by 1/9  ADVANCED FOUNDATION   – 13 years and over
GRADE 2   – 7 years and over  ADVANCED 1   – 14 years and over
GRADE 3   – 7 years and over  ADVANCED 2   – 15 years and over
GRADE 4   – 7 years and over  SOLO SEAL   – Must hold their Advanced 2 with distinction
GRADE 5   – 7 years and over