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Acro Dance


All our teachers have an accreditation with Gymnastics Australia and are required to keep this up to date through Training and Development in new techniques, First Aid and Student Safety on a yearly basis.


Acro dance is a form that includes acrobatic movements. The gymnastic technique that acrobatic dancers can incorporate into a dance routine include handstands, cartwheels, and handsprings. While acrobatics or gymnastics are not forms of dance, they can become dance techniques if the dancer adds rhythm in time to the music with true dance steps. Acrobatics adds a layer of gymnastic technical skill on top of dance skills. As acro dance requires a high level of fitness and agility, it can be challenging for practitioners. Gymnastics is a sport that tests the limits of human movement, but dance tests the limits of human movement to music. Acrobatic performers do not attempt to represent the emotion of a piece of music, but this type of dance takes acrobatic skills and fits them into a dance interpretation of music. Generally, acrobatics require the performer to have tight control of his or her body and typically involves a high degree of flexibility.

Class Level

  • Intermediate Acro Dance
  • Senior Acro Dance – Open Age