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Pilates & Conditioning

Limber Stretch Pilates & Progressing Ballet Technique classes strengthens a dancer’s core and creating better alignment and movement efficiency. The combination of conditioning, stretching and creating awareness of the body improves technique, flexibility and posture as well as elongating lines and muscles to create a more sculptured physique. Lessons also provide education regarding injury prevention and management. The combination of regular LSP training helps dancers achieve their goals of dancing to their fullest potential.

Artistic Director Xanthe Geeves

Allegro 2 Reformer Training – The Pilates Reformer is an exercise machine used to incorporate the Pilates method for a challenging and intense workout. Springs, leverage and body weight are used as resistance while performing movements targeting specific muscle groups and movement patterns. Workouts consist of controlled, flowing movements working your muscles through a full range of motion. The reformer adds increased resistance to the movement. By working with this resistance, training results in increased fitness levels, strength, flexibility, mobility and control which also transfers into correct muscle memory and alignment whilst dancing. Reformer training not only complements a dancers training but is also a wonderful way to keep in condition and toned during injury and can be used for rehabilitation.