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About Us

Ballet Academy Northside offers a variety of classes designed for students of all ages and
disciplines – from the casual student looking for recreation and exercise, to the serious
student who is aspiring to a professional career in dance. In striving for the development of
each individual’s full potential, Ballet Academy Northside supports an appreciation for
tradition and a sense of shared experience that prepares students for futures as artists,
engaged citizens, audience members, and responsible young men and women. We nurture
each student in their skills development and, above all, a lifelong appreciation for dance and

Our Syllabus

The School’s comprehensive curriculum is based on the internationally recognised syllabus
of the Royal Academy of Dance, London. It focuses on strong technique that is rooted in the
traditions of classical ballet and inspired by a contemporary vision of the future. This
curriculum is designed to serve dancers of all ages by supporting the continuing quest for
greater athleticism, artistry, clarity, grace, speed and musicality. Annual performances of
classical and contemporary works are also an important part of the training model at our
school, allowing students to develop discipline, endurance, choreographic memory and
stage presence.

Our Philosophy

Ballet Academy Northside prides itself on being a centre for dance & wellness for students of
all ages and abilities. We provide an exceptional dance education, while nurturing our
students’ developing skills and lifelong love for dance which extends far beyond the syllabus.
Ballet Academy Northside strives to challenge each student, to explore his or her own
potential as a performing artist, whether he or she dances for enjoyment or pre-professional
training. Our highly-trained faculty members, take great care to instruct students with proper
technique and great discipline in an encouraging and supportive environment.
We believe that an engaging, dynamic and nurturing learning environment teaches valuable
skills and instils discipline with joy and respect. Our teaching provides thoughtful guidance
and clear communication to ensure that a student’s journey is inspiring and rewarding. By
valuing and serving the individual needs of each student, we allow them to learn and grow in
their own time. Our programming is designed to allow for harmony with students’ personal
and academic goals so our classes cultivate happy, healthy and creative young people.
Our School sets itself apart from many others as we emphasise a healthy learning
environment focused on technical and artistic excellence. As a professional dance school,
we empower students to gain confidence through self-discipline and constructive feedback.
We provide enduring and passionate support for each student’s unique journey through a
caring community of artists and educators. Whilst supporting the accomplishments of their
peers, students learn the value of cooperation and build strong, lasting friendships.

We thank you for choosing Ballet Academy Northside as a place to continue your dance

Xanthe Geeves and Gregor Thieler  – DirectorsSave